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What a Difference a Voice Can Make (article by Susie Rodde)

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My name’s Brit and I’m contacting you on behalf of Pannone, the medical negligence solicitors. My client recently produced a very interesting video in which a couple describe the impact cerebral palsy can have on a family, and how Pannone's hard work and support can help improve quality of life for those affected:

I thought this video might make a useful additional resource to the ‘Links & Resources’ section of your website, and I would like to invite you to add a link to it, if you think it will be interesting for your visitors?

My 15-year-old Granddaughter Lauren Walier has Cerebral Palsy. On 10/18/13 she spoke at The American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine, a global audience of doctors, researchers, clinicians, therapists, etc. in Milwaukee, WI. Please be patient as she is very emotional and nervous getting started.

Please help Lauren by forwarding this to every email address you have. Lauren is a very courageously starting a crusade to help people less fortunate that she is by raising funds and awareness for cerebral palsy research and therapy. In May through August she rasied over $7000 for her cause. Please help us make Lauren's foundation, Make Lemon Aide for Cerebral Palsy and Lauren a major fundraiser for CP. Every penny Lauren raises goes to her cause. Listen to her dreams and please support them to come true.
Yellow Stone Resources website displays useful links to selected "Gold rated" websites such as: Trustworthy companies UK charities Cultural centres Government organisations UK businesses

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Links & Resources

Accessible Travel: Resources for the Disabled Explorer

Comprehensive information on nursing home abuse and neglect for nursing home residents and their loved ones.

Refinance & Mortgage Guide for People with Disabilities

Dolls for Children with Special Needs

Recruiting adults with CP to participate.

Neurologists, internists and physical therapists at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center are recruiting adults with CP to try a medication which increases nerve conduction velocity, and has been shown to increase strength and decrease fatigue in people with spinal injury and multiple sclerosis.

The medication has not been tried previously in people with Cerebral Palsy, but based on results in other conditions we believe it may be helpful for people with CP. We need to test

1. safety

2.effectiveness in adults who are able to walk. (after these preliminary trials we hope it will be useful for all ages and all "types" of CP). This is what will be involved:3 days at Rancho Los Amigos (in Downey California); if housing is needed we will provide this, as well as meals, travel costs and compensation for time spent).

The first day basic medical tests (physical examination, blood tests), neurologic examination, gait analysis

Day 2 medication, blood tests, gait analysis and repeat neuro exam Day 3 medication, blood tests, gait analysis, repeat neuro exam.

On Days 2 and 3, the evaluating doctors and therapists and you the person taking the medication will not know whether you are taking active medicine or placebo, but one day will be medication and the other day placebo.

The Doctors involved are Dr. Mindy Aisen (neurology), Dr. Yaga Szlachcic (internal medicine) and Dr. Susan Shaw (neurology). To be eligible for the study: diagnosis of CP, able to walk, no history of seizures, age 21-55 years.

(for information about the trial they should email me at or phone 562-401-7161)

UPChucky -
JoyJars -

In Loving Memory of Joy Rees
April 8, 1999 - Jan. 5th 2014

Please share with everyone you know. Let's try to get her site to 500,000 by April 8th...her 13th birthday.

Jessie Rees was a 12 year old young lady fighting cancer. One week last Friday she was given her wings to heaven. Through out her battle she never give up. Foundation™
| Never Ever Give Up!

Hope For Those who Hurt Quitely
Sweet Cakes Bakery
Baked goodness from a lover of all things delicious
Karen Lynn
Call: 310-371-7176
The Most Comfortable Place on Earth. Many of my customers tell me, "I love my sheepskin!" and I know they aren't just telling me a story because, the fact is, I Love My Sheepskin too!
The Gary J. Lynn Foundation (Meet Gary)
Gary is a great kid who refuses to be defined by his disability.
Amazing Grace as sung by Rhema Marvanne - feat. Gary Chapman on guitar
Health In Motion Rehabilitation
We provide intensive treatment, education, and rehabilitation programs for children with cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders.
Poetry by Alisha Laver
Wheelchair Cushion Sage
This website brings to you—what W.C. Sage considers to be—the best wheelchair cushions available anywhere in the world today.
Family History Research For You Where The Family Comes First

Cool Students.Org

"The Spoon Theory" magazine is about living life to the fullest with any disability, invisible disease, or chronic pain and features a collection of articles, personal stories, book and product reviews, health resources and an active message board for the disabled, or those living with chronic pain or illness.

I am a volunteer at Casa Angelica. Casa Angelica is ran by the local church. They take in children who are very disable and who can not live at home with their famlies. This Tues, I am going to be Mrs. Santa there.

I want to help children and famlies who might have a hard time dealing with CP. Take care and thank you, Tonya Rivera

Visit Tonya Rivera's Homepage

A place where those with CP and other physical challenges can sell products that benefit those with physical challenges.

The song you are about to listen to is from a Las Vegas Diamond Rio concert. They received an immediate, resounding standing ovation, and continue to do so every time they perform it! Sadly, major radio stations wouldn't play it because it was considered "politically incorrect." Consequently, the song was never released to the public.

Watch It Here!

We are a unique and exciting concept in hospitality employment training that provides physically disabled individuals, and those who are blind or visually impaired, with the right tools for successful careers in a rapidly growing industry.
Welcome to Same Difference, the online home of Samedifference1. Here at my website, you will find all kinds of fun and useful sections related to disability and DisAbility. The main feature at the moment, of course, is my brilliant blog.
The Power Pumper is an innovative, award-winning, therapeutic mobility device for children from ages five to eleven.
"Tips On Living Your Life The Way You Want." 
The video has been produced by the Department of developmental Services Consumer advisory committee.
In Memory Of Cassey
Golf At It's Best!
Connie Talbot is a phenomenon, and much beloved around the world for her peerless vocal talent and her heart-warming persona.  A normal lovely little girl from the West Midlands, she melts the hardest souls with her angelic voice.
Christmas Music CD
In aid of the Bobath Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy
The Bobath approach to the management of children with cerebral palsy was pioneered and developed by Dr Karel and Mrs Berta Bobath.
Tony Melendez’s
Empowered by these words, Tony Melendez Ministries, an international non-profit organization, is dedicated to bringing compassion and hope to people throughout the world while inspiring and changing the hearts of all God’s people.
Core Index is a trade portal, market place and trade point for exporters, manufacturers, importers and all others related to export import trade. It has helped thousands of buyers and sellers to transact business directly without middleman.

Dissabled Parrent Named Chris's Website

Create great glittery images

Christian Glitter by  

Chat Software
Net Meeting
Net Meeting
Search Engines


Welcome To The Cerebral Palsy Homepage

My name is Susie Rodde. I'm 60 years young. Althogh, Ivy past on loving memories of her live on In my heart.. This page is about me and my story. At the bottom of the page you'll find links to several additional pages. Some are used as resources by those with CP or other disabilities, parents of children with CP, students, and professionals such as Doctors, therapists, and teachers. Others simply serve as a way to connect with one another. Isn't that what the internet and world wide web are all about?

Please take time to explore these other pages and the instructive and fun things they contain. Also, if you're so inclined, please sign my guestbook at the bottom of any of the pages and let me know what you think and how you feel. If you'd like a personal response to a particular question or problem I might be able to help you with, simply use one of the email links and I'll get back to you as soon as I can, depending on what kind of mood my computer happens to be in at the moment!

Something I am very proud of is winning the Sandra Jensen Award. The Award is given every year sponsored by People First of California and co sponsored and awarded by the president of Protection & Advocacy Inc., the president at that time was Nancy Lim-Yee. 

You can see me in the Cerebral Palsey video entitled Susie Rodde's Wheels Of Achievement produced by Digital 2000. Watch Part 1 and 2 below.


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Jacquie Lawson

Graphic Artist, Website Artwork, Animated Electronic Greetings Cards

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"How ABs See Gimps" - Ruth C. Webb, Ph.D.

'How ABs See Gimps' examines "four mechanisms of perception" which sometimes occur at first sight of a severely disabled person. Using short stories, the book explores tendencies of physically normal strangers to reject physically handicapped persons, or gimps as they often refer to each other. The book is designed to help parents and family members to understand the dynamics involved in relating to handicapped children and adults. The book is also intended to assist caring people and professionals-teachers, mental health experts, minister, physicians--to understand negative reactions to handicapped persons by the general public. The stories portray interactions between able-bodied (ABs) and physically disabled people (gimps) in various settings. The characters and situations are drawn from incidents occurring in relationships between the handicapped, the people they love, the people who love them, as well as the casual passerby.

The author, Ruth C. Webb, holds a Ph.D. in Guidance and Counseling
from the University of Illinois and lives in Grinnell, Iowa. She writes from her personal experience with Cerebral Palsy.


Link To A Friend

This Site Belongs To My Friend Michelle.

  Please Visit This Site

Help Needed ! - UPDATE!


Rancho Rehabilitation Center

This hospital is a major rehab ...UPDATE... 

It appears Rancho Rehabilitation Center will remain open for now. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. Remember, it isn't over, this is just a reprieve. You can read more about it here

Wish For You

Where there is pain, I wish you peace and mercy.
Where there is self-doubting, I wish you a renewed confidence in your ability to work through it.
Where there is tiredness, or exhaustion, I wish you understanding, patience, and renewed strength.
Where there is fear, I wish you love, and courage

"The Only True Disability Is People's Attitudes!"

"This website says beyond a thousand words. It touches emotions in the mind and heart. It gives The NEW Definition of Cerebral Palsy extra added power to it's mission of education, awareness and advocating Cerebral Palsy. It grabs attention in honest truth and sincerity. There is strength in numbers, and this website shows reality, it shows compassion, understanding and open mindedness through human experiences that warms the heart. I recommend this website to anyone who wants correct and true information on CP...."

~ WebGoddess CP

I Have A New Page!

There are priceless treasures to be discovered in life's experiences. My new page explores some that I've found inspirational and helpful.

Go directly to Life Lessons

!! Very Important - Please HELP !!

Help missing & exploited persons!

Go Directly To The Missing & Exploited Persons Page

I Would Like To Extend A Special Thank You To:

Don Brown - Founder\CEO -

A Friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift, A Friend is someone we treasure for our Friendship is a gift.

A Friend is someone who fills our lives wit beauty, joy, and grace. And what makes the whole world we live in a better & happier place...

If you would like a personal reply to a question or problem email me!
Please be patient, however, as I get many emails every day.


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In Loving Memory Of Ivy

susie and ivyTHE RAINBOW BRIDGE There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors. Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows, hills and valleys with lush green grass.When cherished pet passes away, they go to this place.There is always food ,water and sunshine and everyone is warm and comfortable.all the animals who have been ill and old and restored to health and vigor.Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again,just as we remember them in days gone by.They play all day with each other. There is only one small thing missing.They are not with their special person who loved them on Earth and had to be left behind.So they run and play until the days comes when one suddenly stops and looks off into the distance.Their bright eyes staring! The nose twitches! The ears are up ! Their eager body begins to quiver ! Suddenly they begin to run from the group,flying over the green grass,their legs carrying them faster and faster ... You have been spotted ! And when you and your special friend meet,you cling together in joyous reunion.Your face is kissed again and again ,your hands caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the adoring eyes of your trusting pet,so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together ,never again to be separated..


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Award For A Website
That Brings A Gift Of
Generosity, Hope, And
Joy To All."

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